About Rockas Kane
Rockas KaneHi! My name is Kane... Rockas Kane (sorry... I can't help it! i always thought I should be hired for that part, but all James Bond directors were people with bad taste ;-) )

I was born in the 5th July of 1972... I don't think there is anyone famous in the world that was born on the same day as me so I keep getting the sense that I will be the first one lol

Anyway... some people think I am crazy... others even tell me that, but it is ok, I don't mind... I am here just for the photography and the day it ends all I want to feel is that the ride was worth it.

Thank you for visiting and having somekind of interest in my work.

All the best


Almost always reachable (sometimes I sleep, eat, work and take some photographs :-)) through msn messenger rogerio.paulo@live.com.pt
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